Permanent Makeup

Curious to know more about Permanent Makeup ? Here is a little more detail on what can be achieved, the best way forward is to give me a call and we can discuss possibilities further.


Permanent eye enhancement can create a defined liner or subtle shadow. Emphasising your eye colour and making your lashes appear thicker, your eyes appear larger and more striking.

Convenient for people who suffer with allergies to pollen or conventional eye makeup, and for those with contact lens sensitivities, permanent eye enhancement also eliminates eye makeup smudging.


If you have little or no eyebrow hair or would like to perfect the shape of your eyebrows, creating a youthful lift to the eye area that emphasises the eyes, this technique is for you.

Paying close attention to your face shape and colouring, this technique is achieved using fine hair by hair simulation or a subtle colour mist infusion.


Make your mouth appear more youthful by defining the natural lip contour and introducing a haze of colour across your lips. This will give you subtle or dramatic fullness either in an attractive blush of colour or a full lip tint that can be highlighted by adding lip gloss.

Asymmetry can be corrected and no more lipstick re-application after eating or kissing. Your lips are always beautiful whatever the situation.

A Safe Procedure

Your treatment will begin with a consultation to discuss the range of designs shapes an colours available.

We will then create your look in conventional makeup. You can try different look and colours until you are happy with the effect that is created for you.

Only then does the pigment infusion process take place - achieved using the Cosmedic device and medical grade pigments, which meet all European health and safety requirements. Immediately after the infusion process your enhancement will display mild redness and swelling which may last for up to 48hrs. The enhancement will be a darker shade than desired for approximately 1 week - gradually fading to a result which lasts for years

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